In view of the 60 Plus Club being closed during this unprecedented and difficult time, I am sending this letter to all members of the club by email and post, to keep in contact and update you all on the current situation. If you receive this by post but would prefer Email, please let me know. 


            I’m sorry to announce that June Stewart has resigned as committee member and treasurer owing to health issues. June has done sterling work over the years, and her experience of accounting has been a great asset to the club. I’m sure you would wish me to thank her and wish her well on behalf of you all. If anyone has the necessary knowledge and would like to volunteer to be treasurer, please contact me.  


            You will no doubt have heard that the proposal to build a new medical hub at the Downs, and adjoining the Wave Leisure complex, has been abandoned. The original proposal would mean the club moving to new premises within the leisure complex, but as this now seems unlikely, we remain for the time being in the barn. How this will impact on our future we do not yet know, and conjecture is pointless at this stage. Without getting into a discussion with LDC at present, we wait for them to inform us officially of our position. Also we have had no communication from Age Concern for nearly two years, despite us having written to them on several occasions, our letters have been totally ignored. With this situation we are unable to move forward with the lease and reconstitute ourselves. 

            For the time being the barn has had to be locked and bolted, and the gates padlocked. There have been incidences of people climbing over the fence at the back and trying to enter the building, so the padlocks mean they have to climb back over instead of exiting through the gates, and leaving them open. We recently had to replace the handle of the art room door which had been damaged by attempted forced entry, fortunately the premises are secure and no-one has been able to get in. 

            Some members have been asking about reopening the club. Discussions we have had on the committee have made us aware of the great difficulties that would arise. The health and safety of all members is our first priority, especially as many of us are over 70 and may have pre-existing health problems. The management of observing the government rules and the distribution of activities would be highly complex. The rule of six, social distancing, face coverings, the handling of equipment and the need to clean and sanitize before and after each activity, the use of the kitchen and toilets and the restriction on the number of people allowed to enter the building at any one time are just some of the problems that we would have to face.


Also bear in mind the spreading of the virus is increasing at an alarming rate, and the recent closure of the White Lion owing to infected staff, shows how easy it is to become infected if we don’t take the necessary care. And now we have another lockdown! This all means, I’m afraid, that the club will have to remain strictly closed, until the situation changes and we are able to resume activities both safely and in accordance with the guidelines at the time.


            I am well aware how difficult and tedious it can be for people who live alone, can’t get out, and feel isolated, and others who just want to take part in their chosen activities and socialise, but please be assured your safety during this awful time is our greatest concern. 

            Finally, you will be aware that we have been unable to hold our AGM, and this will be a priority when we reopen. 

            Hopefully we shall all come through this in time and look forward to being together again among friends, and enjoy company and activities as in the past. It is very important that the club continues for all our sakes, so please take great care, keep well, keep safe.



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