Craft and Chat

Around 8 ladies meet on a Wednesday between 2 and 4. Knitting is the most popular activity though we also practice Cross Stitch, Tapestry and Crochet.

We have to confess there is a great deal of chat.

Keeping Fit is important for everyone

The benefits of keeping yourself in trim can be immense.

For those who feel the need to exercise in a warm and friendly environment this can be both fun and a challenge (though only if you really fling yourself into it!).

Presently running on Tuesdays from 10.30 to 11.30 our Keep Fit uses a variety of exercises to suit all abilities.

Rummikub, Board Games & Cards

Beginners and experts alike enjoy these games. Other board games are also available.

All are welcome. Bring a friend or make friends when you are with us.

We also have a small Scrabble group who meet on a Thursday between 10 and 12



Played on the lawn at the rear of the Club (mostly during the better weather!) this engaging game has a number of active members who make good use of the Club equipment.

Exponents of Croquet will find an enthusiastic group awaiting them - and for those who would just like to try their hand at Croquet, then this is the place to start!

Art Classes

A very popular group of art classes are run, mostly in the studio area, and the ability range of members is varied.

Though we refer to these as ‘art classes’ there is no formal teaching of art, more a friendly ‘help and be helped’ approach is applied.

A range of watercolour, oil and charcoal works are produced and sometimes there is opportunity for work to be exhibited within the Club. We have a small art room which is upstairs plus two ground floor sessions.

Morning and afternoon sessions are available.

Exercise and Line Dance  Thursdays 10 to 11

As gentle or as vigorous as you please! Exercise and Dance is a fun way of shaking out those weekly cobwebs whilst providing opportunity to tone up your muscles and improve your line dance steps.

The activity commences with a warm up exercise session  culminating in some line dancing. 

This is a relaxed friendly group. 

Members may opt in and out as they please.

The Tuesday morning KEEP FIT group relax with a coffee and a chat after their exercise class

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